How to choose the best car seat head support toddler

We often feel bad to see our kids falling a sleep in the back seat only to see their little heads snap foward and startling them awake. We all remember what this feeling is like, and its not very pleasant. So the good people have come up with a solution to this problem with their car seat head support toddler for kids.


1.The size

Don’t forget that children have smaller heads and necks. Make sure that you choose a pillow that fits your little one correctly to prevent the head from falling forward and thus your child being uncomfortable.

A regular and standard size pillow designed for adults is not going to be healthy for your child to lay on, mostly because the regular size pillow has more fabric and puffiness that can be a potential risk of suffocation. A toddler pillow should have a dimension of around 12-inches by 16-inches and a thickness of about 2 to 3 inches.

This is especially important when you use the pillow as a car seat pillow for toddlers or bigger kids.

2.The material

Some pillows are made from fabrics, cotton or fibers that are chemically treated and industrialized, these pillows can be hazardous to a child with allergy, asthma or any kind of health issue that can be triggered as a result of chemicals toxic or not. To avoid and eliminate any chances or risk, the hypoallergenic and organic pillows are there to protect your child as he sleeps comfortably.

More of the same with a fleece cover that will feel wonderful when traveling on a plane or in colder circumstances, however, it will feel sticky and scratchy when it’s hot. Choose your pillow with the type of journey and the weather conditions in mind.

it’s also important to have a pillow with a removable sheet that is easily washable when its needed and required. Even better for a pillow which can be thrown into the washer – a pillow that doesn’t lose its shape, shrink or lose quality after every wash is every parent’s dream.

3.The filling

The 3 main types of filling are:

microbead: a microbead travel pillow is filled with small polystyrene beads, which makes it lightweight. You can change the shape of the cushion easily but it is usually not that portable and doesn’t provide a lot of comfort.

inflatable: an inflatable travel pillow is meant to be blown up by mouth into the firmness of your liking. They are lightweight and very tiny to pack into your luggage. On the downside, one small leak and your pillow will deflate.

memory foam: a memory foam travel pillow shapes itself into your neck. It offers the most support but is, in general, the least lightweight. They can be decompressed for transport, which is convenient when you have limited storage space.

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